There are several sessions to choose from and occasionally we will change them if there is enough interest or switch things around if there isn’t!

Circuit This 45 min session will get your heart pumping and give you an all over body workout. The trainers plan new sessions all the time so you shouldn’t get bored. It caters for all fitness levels as we have advanced exercises for those that need the extra and beginners exercises for those starting out or if you are pregnant or have injuries we can help with your rehabilitation.

Free running group – check out the website for details

Boxing class is an intense 45min session mainly focusing on boxing with a little bit extra targeting the heart and other muscles of the body.

Saturdays at Mardalup Park there is a free 5km run starting at 8am hosted by Parkrun. Register for the run at www.parkrun.com.au Claisebrook cove. Fit-Bits trainers take the warm-up and participate when possible! The best thing is after the run we all go for a well deserved coffee at Kinky Lizard. Or join us at Spin class afterwards at Beatty Park Leisure Centre 9.15am

RAIN When it rains we train inside at the WA squash courts at the Hyatt, enter from Terrace road by the Wilsons car park. We either train inside the club or outside the squash club (to the right of the doors if you are facing them) there is an undercover area there. Most clients prefer to train there if it’s raining as you still get fresh air. You will receive a txt from your Trainer if class moves location, unless you hear from us class takes place at the usual time in the usual locations, so please make sure you put a mobile contact number down when you register your username and password.

Pregnant We can cater for pregnant clients if you have a clearance letter from your Dr. We will recommend that you do the circuit classes to start off with and we can adjust your exercises, make sure you book online nice and early so we can plan for you.

Injuries If you have any current or old injuries please ask your specialist of choice to send us an exercise approval letter also listing exercises that you should or should not be doing.

Remember trainers get up very early and therefore aim to go to bed early, so make sure you book into sessions ahead of time so we can include you in our training plans if you have any injuries etc.

Fit-Bits Facebook page become friends with us on Facebook and keep in touch with other clients and outside fitness / social events.