Tracey Fudge:

I started Fit-Bits 8 years ago and really love seeing clients grow from strength to strength. Born in South Africa, I have always loved fitness, sports and adventure activities. Living in London I qualified as a Master Trainer and my love of sports led into the world of triathlons and desires to reach my own personal fitness goals, losing 20kg’s a few years ago, doing several triathlons, half iron mans, half marathons & marathons. I love being able to help people achieve their fitness goals and personally dislike training alone so I like to “encourage” clients to join me and train for the same events. I now have a 4yr old daughter and 5 year old son, I absolutely love being a mother (well most of the time) and really enjoy getting them out and about, so watch out for future Fit-Bits kids bootcamp classes.

Level 3 & 4 Personal Trainer

  • Torso Training & Core Strengthening
  • Circuit Class
  • Nutrition
  • Aerobic Conditioning
  • Resistance Training
  • CPR & Senior First Aid
  • TRX
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise & Nutrition
  • Advanced Boot camp & Outdoor Fitness
  • Advanced Boxing for Fitness
  • Exercise with children
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Pilates mat work
  • Body Pump, Sprint and Spin
  • Indoor walking instructor






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