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Where is the squash club for wet weather?

April 12th, 2011 | Comments Off on Where is the squash club for wet weather?

The WA Squash club is at the Hyatt centre. Park on Terrace road near Plain street  Wilsons Car Park (be careful of parking signs as some parking spaces become a no park zone after a certain time and you will get ticketed)

Walk up the stairs (to the left of the car park entry by the big rock) and turn left, walk to the end of the building untill you see glass doors “level 1 Plaza “Terrace Squash club”, walk up the spiral staircase and we’ll be in the first room on the Right. Or you will see us just at the top of the stairs under cover. Make sure we have your mobile number as we will send a txt if we move. Also become friends on Facebook as you often update things on there

We train here if it is raining hard, otherwise we’ll still be outside next to the Kids play area in the park (same as usual), best thing to do if you are unsure is to call or look out for the Fit-Bits car, if you see the car on Terrace road that is where the session will be

Squash Club from Terrace Road

Walk from Squash Club to Terrace Road