Fit-bits group sessions cater for all levels of fitness. Tracey and her team are welcoming and accommodating of everyone and their particular needs. Not only is everyone like-minded in their goal to be fit and healthy, but they’re a great bunch of people who are friendly, social and supportive. Hayley Dagg

I’ve been with Fit Bits for about two years now and it has really changed my day to day life. I am a lot toner and fitter than when i first started and i really don’t know how to start the day without my 6am circuit class: despite my outwardly grumpy disposition.

I work in the mines and the food there is delicious, copious and very unhealthily tempting. Without my working out with Fit Bits on my days off; i have no doubt i would look like another of the big dudes with third trimester guts.

The group classes are so much fun and everyone is so friendly and supportive. So, much thanks to Tracey and her team and also to other people who attend. It does make the drudgery of exercising fun. Definitely would not be at my current fitness state without everyone at Fit Bits. Thanks Tina

Joining Fit-Bits was one of the best decisions I have made, after every class im always feeling good about myself inside and out

Its easy working out with other people that have the same goal as you, too get fit and healthy. Being outdoors with fresh air and not stuck in a gym also make a big difference.

After being with Tracey and the Fit-bits team for over 4 years, going to training is in my daily routine. I have even surprised myself and competed in triathlons with other fits-Bits members and many fun runs.

Having the encouragement and support from Tracey and other members of Fit-Bits makes it so much easier than doing it alone.

I 100% recommend Fit-Bits to anyone looking to get fit and healthy even for the social aspect of meeting new people.

Kind Regards,   Ashlee Salmon 

Tracey, Raymond and all the fit-bitters have helped me regain fitness I lost with my youth. Keeping me challenged and motivated through every step and tailoring training to my needs. I’m looking forward to doing some team challenges with the fit-bitters whilst striving to achieve my fitness goals. Thanks DC

I first started training with Fit-Bits in December 2011 when travelling to Perth for work. Even though I wasn’t a regular being based on the east coast Tracey was always willing to assist & was supportive to see me achieve my training goals.  Since I moved to Perth in Nov’12 my first thing to organise was training with Tracey and her Fit-Bits team. They have got me back into an exercise routine, goal focused and are great motivators providing support all the way and the people in the group classes are very friendly and welcoming. The additional eating plans and other challenges provide an all-round health and fitness option. The variety of daily outdoor classes and one-on-one PT cater for all levels and interests in a friendly environment … and who doesn’t like being out in the fresh air!! x Kely Cannane


I started with fit-bits in late 2010 shortly after moving to Perth and was warmly welcomed into the classes by Tracey and the group. During that time, I lost 6 kilos and found my stamina and strength greatly improved. At the beginning of 2011 I found out I was pregnant and due to complications had to take a break from exercise but Tracey kept in touch and was welcomed back with open arms in November 2012. I found it tough at first, but I can now run for 30 minutes non-stop, run/walk the bridges (10k) in 1hr 15 mins and participate in the whole range of classes on offer. I now have the confidence to take part in the Mothers’ Day Challenge, HBF Run for a Reason and aim to register for one of the City to Surf runs. 7 months since giving birth I have nearly lost all my baby weight and can get into my pre-pregnancy clothes – I now just have to loose those last few kilos I planned to loose before I was pregnant!

Tracey and her team are always there to motivate and challenge and I now find myself addicted to exercise – something I would have never said a couple of years ago! I have also made some great friends along the way….. Sue Palmer

Tough Love That Works!!

I joined Tracey and the Fit-Bits crew almost a year ago having started my weight loss and fitness journey 6 months earlier with another trainer who finished off to have a baby.  Having started doing just PT (I didn’t feel  confident to join the groups), Tracey soon encouraged me to come along to the social events and classes to make new friends.  I still remember that first Saturday morning circuit class and being very pleasantly surprised that I could ‘keep up’.  Since then I haven’t looked back and exercise is truly a way of life for me now.  Though the encouragement of all the trainers and the Fit-Bits community I’m now mixing it up with PT, Boxing, Running, Circuits and Yoga!  Even when there are no classes scheduled we still encourage each other and arrange walks and runs together to keep each other on track.  It’s tough love that works!

Today,  I’m almost 30 kilos down and running ‘The Bridges’ and looking forward to reaching not only my weight loss goal (15 kilos to go!) but also my fitness goals (HBF, City to Surf and Mini Triathlon) for 2012 with all my Fit-Bits pals

Katy Yule

Fit-bits is a fun and effective way to achieve fitness and health goals.  The classes are varied and facilitated by organised, qualified, motivational people who want you to get the most out of your fitness routine. I am more energised and healthier than ever before since signing up to fit- bits 18 months ago.  Great trainers, great people, great location. By Liz

Secret Weapon


By Brett

I started at Fit-Bits as my secret weapon in a work based “Biggest Loser” style competition and I am very happy with my progress! Since starting at Fit-Bits I have lost a further 7kg in about 5 weeks. Losing between 1 and 2 kgs a week has been easy with Fit-Bits workout classes and watching what I eat. Tracey from Fit-Bits helped keep up my motivation and is an expert at getting that little bit extra out of training. I ended up winning the “Biggest Loser” competition with a 14.7% overall weight loss! Huge thanks to Tracey and my Fit-Bits classmates for helping me achieve a great result!? Flexibility and Variety.

By natalia

Ever since I started regularly training with Fit-Bits I have noticed a big change in my personal wellbeing – I am a lot fitter, I rarely get sick nowadays with common colds and flu, and I am generally a lot more positive in my outlook on life. Having a leaner body now and toned muscles are of course a big plus too! Best thing about Fit-Bits is there are different options for class times to suit everyone’s schedules. The variety of exercises that Tracey offers every week also keeps you on your toes. She won’t let those muscles slack off. If you’re someone who easily gets tired with the same boring routine, Fit-Bits is for you.

Get some get up… and go body blitz

By barbara.heron

Excellent, motivating and personalised training overlooking the beautiful Swan River – who could ask for more?! Having seen results in just a few weeks, I am now hooked. Another advantage to FitBits over many other Perth bootcamps is the flexibility to only pay for what you use. Great for those who are travelling a lot with work and cannot commit to regular sessions every week – saving you money (and guilt) in the long run. I am recently new to Perth and Tracey & my fellow fit-bit buddies have helped me to feel really welcome and settled. My favourites are the circuits / cardio box. Classes can be tailored for all levels and injuries. Check out the website (very easy to use) and come along for one session and see for yourself …

Get Outdoors & Get Motivated !!

By Heidi keatley

I was finding it really hard to get motivated & thought something like a boot camp would get me ready to exercise again. That’s when fit bits came up & I contact Tracey about the classes, she assured me that her classes were for beginners right up to people with high fitness levels (which I was somewhere near the beginners but was keen to push myself) This was the PERFECT class & group to do it in ! With Tracey’s help you’ll push yourself to a new level & will see results !! The outdoors was a MASSIVE factor for me having sat in an office all day, I needed to get outside & enjoy the fresh air ! It’s a Perfect location, I’d highly recommend joining Tracey at Fit-bits as I did (Don’t get stuck indoors, give it a Go …

Fits-Bits can guarantee a life time…

By ashlee

I started Fit-Bits from the first day it began and have never looked back. I have tried gyms and boxing classes but this has it all in one. Tracey is a great teacher and has taught me lots with much more to go. I have also participated in a few triathlons with the Fits-Bits group which I never thought could ever happen which makes me feel like I can do anything. The variety of different classes and the way it is mixed up each week makes it interesting and never gets boring. The cardio classes Friday mornings are a favourite of mine. It’s a bigger work out then the circuit and makes you feel good and prepares you for the weekend. Since starting at Fit-Bits I have remained the same weight with gaining muscle but lost centimetres of my thighs tummy and arms. I have found I’m a lot more toned and feel more positive about myself inside and out.

Being fit is now part of my life

By Pove Than-Whall

I have never exercised before because the gym bored me and I never was motivated enough to stick to a diet and exercise program. When I first went to a fit bits session I felt comfortable straight away and enjoyed the circuit. The people are very friendly and Tracey is really helpful. Before long I realized that I had been working out for four months and was starting to see results. The sessions are fun, they are always different so becoming fit is no longer a chore. Fit bits has made being fit part of my daily life and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

For me this has been excellent to say…

By Petit

Since I started, has been excellent to relax my mind and stay in shape. It is better than a gym because is in an open space, you meet new people, make new friends. I like Tracey’s sessions because this is not focussed to stay in a room running or training in a machine, but this let you to interact more with the people, and also Tracey encourage you to participate in different activities like team triathlons, runs, and many activities related with physical activity. from 1 to 10… mmmm totally 10!!!

Great Workout and Fun.

By KRW16

I have been training with Tracey for a few months now and Im loving it. Being a big guy I was reluctant at first as I have always found excercising so intimidating. Thank god I sucked it up and went to that first class. For the first time in my 40 odd years I look forward to working out which is a fantastic new experience. Tracey really gives a damn about you which is evident from the first time you meet her. So whatever your age,gender,size or fitness level I would encourage you to give one of her classes a try. You wont regret it I promise..

Great for Mums and Babies!

By Pamela

I’ve been attending to Tracey’s classes since my baby was 3 months old. I’m really happy because he has always been welcomed in class! and I can do my excersises routine without any problem! Tracey is such a lovely person and she encourages me to achives my goals. Now my baby is almost one year old. I recommend Fit-Bits for all mums… It’s a great way to take a break from the everyday demanding motherhood routine and to get that fitness back after having a baby!

She’s so good, I married her!

By nick

Tracey has that rare ability to inspire people to do the hard things…you know those things that at the time, seem really hard and even hurt sometimes but once you’ve done them, you feel a sense of accomplishment and more importantly, you see and feel a difference within yourself! When my friends and family comment now on how good I look, I joke with them by saying “I married a personal trainer, I have to look good!”

By Erin

After starting fit-bits i found a real joy in going to the classes. The trainer is really friendly and the class caters to a wide range of people, fit or un-fit. They offer everything from circiut classes, to boxing, running, weights, a real full body work out. I have lost 8 Kilos and could not of done it with out Fit-Bits.

City worker

By Virginia

Working in the city, fit bits is the perfect fitness session to attend as it is close by. I attend a class at 5.25pm so is easy to finish work, get changed and walk down there. Tracey keeps everyone motivated which makes for a fun experience!

Just perfect

By DutchSA

Training with Tracey is just perfect for those with a busy (work) life, good program well organised, fun, motivating and effective.

Perth from Colorado

By Sally

I am visiting from Colorado for a year and wanted to find a trainer while I was here. I saw Tracey working with a group out in the park below our apartment and immediately signed up. Wow! She is top notch and I am hooked. I want a session every day (if I can handle it)! There is no nonsense here, plenty of empathy, passion, and a total professional. You’ll be lucky if you make the cut since classes are limited in size!

Tracey knows her stuff.

By Jexley

Not being into the gym scene nor a mum-on-the-go (I’m a dad… on-the-go), I really just wanted some help with some exercises I could do on my own and Tracey was full of helpful advice. Makes a one-on-one session more than worth it in my opinion.

By Rosanna Soares Mendes: “it is fun, full of variety and a great way to start the day!